TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 14-15

Janelle with her PB Bass from
the Solomans. Many bass fell to
her Ebipop 190 that day
Brett with a beast of a land based fish,
showing quite a blue tint to its colour
can bring the fish in from a distance. A
range of jigging outfits can be used, but
a nice lightweight slow pitch style rod
is perfect for the job. NS Black Hole,
Palms, Wiki Jigging and Synit all have
rods perfect for the job at a range of price
points. The handy thing with slow style
jigging is that although the rods are often
quite light in power, the fish is fought
with the rod held low, even with the rod
tip in the water. This way you can simply
use the drag of the reel, with added
hand pressure if needed and not worry
about the light rod being overloaded.
While Red Bass may not be the first
choice target for many anglers out on
the reef, their fighting prowess makes
them a determined and challenging
adversary. They are definitely worthy of
respect as well as bragging right for a
good one!
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