TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 12-13

Slow pitch jigs are killers, particularly
Jigging Master fallings, Shout Cradle,
Palms Slow Blatt and FCL Labo MSL. The
bass love to hit on the pause and usually
within 5-10m of the bottom. If you are
not getting attention on the jig, a few
long fast lifts followed by spooling the
jig back to the bottom can get a strong
reaction, not just from bass but emperors
and coral trout as well.They seem to love
that first twitch up after a lure has fallen
15-20m down to the bottom, it really
This bass caught by Martin in
Socotra is about as big as you are
likely to see them. The fish gave
a very good account of itself on
130lb GT tackle!
The business end of a red
bass: they possess an array of
sharp teeth to pin their prey
before swallowing. Note the
prominent nasal pit in front
of the eye which allows easy
identification, compared to
mangrove jacks
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