TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 4-5

You’ve been waiting for this moment
for a long time.
It’s a stunning morning out on the reef;
wall towall sunshine, just enough breeze
to put a little chop on the water and the
current is running along to perfection.
Bait showers can be seen all the way
along the reef edge, sparkling in the sun
like little baitfish angels taking off to
heaven. Predators are hungry and it is a
great to be alive (and not be a baitfish).
It is going to be a fantastic day. No, it
is going to be an absolutely epic day.
It’s the sort of day that deserves
something special. That one–of-a-kind,
custom handmade stickbait which has
been waiting for a special occasion,
simply must have a swim. There is a
monster GT out there, just waiting to
write its name into your record book
and that stickbait is going to do it.
Load up and bang! Out she flies, so,
so far up onto the reef edge, landing
right beside the gutter pouring off
the shallows. Has to be a fish there…
One sweep, two sweeps, the lure is
dancing, darting and swimming like the
lovechild of IanThorpe and Mohammad
Ali. Seriously it is that good. The lure
dives behind a wave for a moment and
there is an almighty splash – Oh Yesss,
you strike hard and feel weight. Fish
On! There is a hard surge and then
the fish comes easily for a moment.
“It’s ok, not so big” you call out to
your mate, who is mentally frozen,
caught between fishing-on and jumping
on the motor. You start cranking the fish
harder, but something is not quite right.
“F#@* No, no, nonononooooo! The
fish isn’t coming in easily, it’s swimming
towards you and power diving for the
bottom like the possessed spawn of
Satan. You crank harder and faster and
swear faster and harder. None of it is
going to do any good, not the drag, the
cranking, the swearing, or the 200lb
leader, because when that fish hits
bottom, it will be buried so deep into
a coral crevasse that not even Jacques
Cousteau himself could get it back. And
besides, in the time it took to think this,
Red Bass
Friend or Foe?
A fully ‘lit up’ bass caught on an
FCL FT jig
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