TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 46-47

Western Australia’s Montebello Islands are one of the
nation’s marine treasures. Situated off the Pilbara coast
from Karratha and Dampier, the barren archipelago is
the location of Australia’s earliest known ship wreck in
1622. The network of 174 small islands were once a site for
British atom bomb tests in the 1950’s, and the region is now
a hub for Australia’s natural gas industry.
Now the Marine Park teems with aquatic life. The fishing
is varied, from casting small lures under limestone
overhangs, to GT popping, reef fishing and bluewater
trolling for billfish.
A trip with friends on Blue Lightning Charters was a not-
to-be-missed opportunity to explore the area, catch some
cool fish and take in the amazing landscapes!
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