TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 44-45

Zenaq Fokeeto Whippy rods feature sensitivity and power, the perfect light weight
jigging rods for chasing quality fish in pressured waterways.
Models range from ultralight 30-100g rod for bay and light offshore work through to just
released 200-300g size for kings amberjacks and other mid-sized pelagic species
All Zenaq rods are built in Japan with the highest quality materials, top Fuji components
and over 50 years of rod building expertise
Hand Made Lures featuring
unique materials and construction,
for better fishing
Falcon G
120g and 160g
Falcon Fat
90g and 110g
Diving Tuna
Falcon F Abalone
Custom 80g
Falcon sinking 120
Rear Light
Slide/Flutter 220g
Falcon Z Remain
Darting/Flutter 200g
Long Slider 210g
Jigging Lineup
Casting lineup
More great
coming soon
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