TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 2-3

The Tight Line Volume 8
- Part 2
The Tight Line is back again! It’s always
great to get another issue put to bed -
gives me another excuse to get out and
fish some more. Hopefully the emag can
serve as a bit of inspiration to get out
there and have a fishing adventure - it is
a bit of theme in this issue.
This time around we have some
action from Northern New South Wales,
chasing native cod and bass in the rivers
as well as a piece about the love/hate
relationship that many anglers have
with that destroyer of the tropics, the
red bass. Angus Gorrie takes us on a
trip of a lifetime to PNG in search of the
famous Papuan black bass. We also have
a pictorial from the stunning and remote
Montebello Islands of Western Australia.
Until next time
Duncan O’Connell
Fish Head
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