TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 32-33

Planning a trip to battle some of
the world’s toughest river fish?
Angus Gorrie spills the beans on
things that have worked for him
in Eastern Papua New Guinea.
When you mention black bass to
anglers in the know, images of dense
jungle, steamy weather and brutal,
hard hitting fish usually come to
mind. With this frame of mind, I set
out on my recent explorations up the
rivers of West New Britain in search
of these infamous adversaries; the
black and spot tail bass. Much chat
among the tackle stores and others
accompanying me set a very serious
standard of gear that would be
required to not only land a black, but to
even be in the game. Suggested gear for
bass usually consists of spin or bait cast
set-ups in the 40-60lb class and reels
to match. This proved a problem as the
new ranges from Nordic Stage, which I
distribute and therefore set on using, did
not feature anything that could match
these specs. Being true to the cause, my
‘heavy’ set up for the trip consisted of
a Nordic Stage Cheater rated 10-22lb
matched with a 5000 size Shimano
reel, 30lb leader and typically 20-30lb
braid. Suggestions made by others
attending these trips alluded to the fact
that I might be burning through some
serious gear by fishing this light! This
being said it was with determination, or
at least stubbornness that I committed to
my personal challenge and stuck to it.
With the effort required to travel to PNG
to target these amazing fishwe have never
mucked around choosing our operator.
Research directed us to Baia Sports
Testimonials, with some firsthand
conversations had led us to favouring
this operation as the one to use. After two
trips now, it would be hard to consider
using anyone else! Riccard Reimann, the
owner operator of Baia was incredibly
helpful leading up to the trip helping
with everything from date suggestions,
lures and gear and plenty of other useful
little tid-bits. The location of Riccard’s
lodge is in West New Britain, which is
situated off the North-East coast of PNG.
The remote nature of the lodge and
subsequent rivers ensures the waters are
fish rich and relatively unspoiled. One
of the really noticeable and endearing
features of Baia Fishing Lodge, is its
connection with Baia Village located
adjacent to the lodge. Most of the guides
and staff at the lodge come straight from
the village and many local projects
including the school and the church
were funded by the lodge itself. These
factors are no doubt responsible for the
incredibly warm and welcoming feel you
receive as a guest arriving on the sandy
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