TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 28-29

our way back to the Gold Coast for
the home leg. I don’t know if I came
back a better person, let’s face it that
might be too much to ask. However I
was definitely happier, more relaxed,
my casting had improved quite a bit
and we had some great fishing in the
name of R&D! Tsurusaki san caught his
plane and we both headed back to our
normal lives, refreshed and ready to start
planning the next the next trip away.
you can change the performance of a
lure with a change in size, weight of
hooks or slight variation in bib shape.
As with previous fishing trips with
Tsurusaki san, I learnt heaps. I never
tire of watching the way he fishes.
Methodically working every bit of
cover in a snag from multiple angles,
each cast is specifically placed to work
a particular segment of the available
cover. It is almost surgical the way he
disects the available water. His casting
is precise too, to the point that I’ve seen
him cast right through a tangle of snags
in order to fish otherwise unreachable
water on the other side. With these
skills he naturally catches a lot of fish,
especially in unfamiliar waters where
many anglers – myself included, might
struggle. Tsurusaki’s casting style is
quite different to most Australians too.
Whereas most anglers would crank the
lure very close to the rod tip for most
accurate casting, he drops the lure
1/3 to ½ way down the rod, swings
back a little way and punches pretty
aggressively with the tip of the rod.
The result is a low flat cast where the
lure travels through below shoulder
level, travelling like a bullet towards the
target. When questioned as to how he
became such a good caster, he simply
shrugs and says “it is my profession”.
As the days continued we shifted
east over the ranges to the
Clarence river. The bass
were quite spooky in the
clear water, so it took a
little time to work things
out. Larger surface lures
in low light were most
effective and anywhere
with rapids or a waterfall
was also a near certainty.
One reach of the river had
been affected by an intense
things up and reducing the
clarity. This section of river
had a far more consistent
bite, right through the
day and we racked up
some good numbers of
fish as a consequence.
Pretty soon we were on
the road again, making
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