TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 26-27

130mm topwaters too big
for bass? definitely not in
the Clarence
and eucalypts as it went. Silvereyes,
wrens and finches were busy all around
us and the odd goanna scampered up
a tree at our approach. Only one red-
bellied black snake put in a bankside
appearance to give us a quick scare,
but that was about it. No more bites.
We still hada fair drive aheadof us today
and the heat was rapidly intensifying, so
we decided to turn round and fish our
way back. First pool on the return journey
and I heard the call from up ahead.
“Duncan san, fish!... Murray cod!” I
dropped everything bar camera and set
off. By the time I arrived, a nice little cod
was resting on its tether at Tsurusaki’s
feet. For a few moments the cod was a
star. Both of our still and video cameras
recorded the precious few seconds of
interaction as the fish was unhooked,
held up and then released. First objective
achieved, and the pressure was off!
Naturally the next two pools produced
a flurry of strikes on prototype shallow
cranks, resulting in 2 more cod and
a solid yellowbelly being released.
From there on in, the rest of the trip
went pretty smoothly. The heat was
pretty intense and the lack of creature
comforts was a little bit of a concern for
someone not entirely used to bathing in
a river and taking a shovel to the toilet.
We broke the trip up with a motel stay
in the middle to get some bulk battery
recharging done, as well as washing
some clothes. The fishing was never easy
throughout the week and better quality
cod were very scarce indeed. But that is
ok when you are on a lure testing trip,
it makes you concentrate a lot harder
on how and why things are working
- or not working, as the case may be.
The lures we were testing were mainly
deep sided cranks in a range of sizes
and styles, from wakebaits through to
ultra deep divers and sizes from small
bass lures through to larger Murray cod
sizes. Most of the lures were made in a
couple of different buoyancy rates and
in some cases multiple bib sizes and
shapes. From these twenty or so different
variations only a couple will get to
production, with a fair bit of fine tuning
along the way. Each evening we would
play around with different hook setups
to see if we could improve the action or
rate of flotation. It is amazing how much
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