TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 22-23

A nice Yellowbelly from the Severn River
Working the whitewater on the Clarence
Lime green Daiwa river walking
boots - only in Japan!
A cod from the fast water on
a prototype fat sided crank
The start of the trip didn’t go off with a
bang either, when Tsurusaki san’s plane
was delayed by most of a day, due to a
cancelled Jetstar flight out ofTokyo.When
Tsurusaki arrived into the Gold Coast at
8pm, we just had time to hit his favourite
Aussie fast food at Hungry Jacks (really),
and then get on the road. After the drama
of the cancelled flight, just gettingmoving
was a relief! Conversation flowed easily
as fishing chat ate up the travelling time.
It was some relief to see the
countryside on the top of the ranges
was noticeably green under the beam
of the car headlights; it was obvious that
there had been some rain around the
Stanthorpe area. Hopefully this would
mean the Severn River in Sundown had
benefitted from some flow. Our arrival
at the campsite was rather late, so a
quick tarp was set up to keep the dew
off the sleeping bags and our first view
of the river would wait until morning.
Dawn arrived in no time, gear was
hurriedly packed and we began our hike
down the river. Despite the green tinge
back on the top of the range, it was clear
the rain had made no impact whatsoever
on the river. In fact it was really just a string
of waterholes that had not seen flow in a
long time. We skipped the first couple of
easily accessible sections before starting
to cast. The water still looked great.
Cascades of rock ran from the steep hills
above, plunging into still, dark pools
where sinking lures seem to take forever
to touch bottom. Water dragons stood
sentry at every turn and insects buzzed,
fluttered and paddled across the surface.
Thump! Oh, that was a fish! The line
went limp and I recommenced the
retrieve. It was only about the third
cast and my brain was still getting into
gear. One hit was all I got. Tsurusaki san
called out that he had had a strike too.
Tsurusaki’s hit was on a new shallow
jerkbait he was testing. My strike was on
a deep flat sided crank, that had its origins
during our last trip together hunting
barra in the Mackay region. Several
more strikes followed on the jerkbait
for Tsurusaki, but no solid hook-ups.
We kept moving. Walk a while, fish
a while. The sun slowly crept its way
down the steep valley through the
broken cliff lines, heating rock, cypress
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