TheTight Line Vol 8 Part 2 - page 20-21

coverage then the guilty conscience is
removed! Booking ahead is another.
Sometimes there is no choice in
booking ahead to a campground
or motel, but the less structured
and more flexible the trip is, the
more interesting it usually becomes.
When Tsurusaki san of FCL Labo
in Japan recently asked if we could
catch a Murray cod and some bass
on his trip to Australia, I was very
happy to oblige. We have fished
together many times, most recently
on a freezing, windswept southern
Japanese island chasing sea bass.
Tsurusaki san is a highly respected
lure and rod designer back in
Japan, having worked for major
companies such as Duel/ Yo-Zuri
and Evergreen as well as presenting
one of the very first fishing TV shows
in Japan. When not fishing, he now
runs his boutique hand-made lure
and rod brand, FCL Labo from a
small factory in southern Japan.
For this adventure we would be
travelling inland and south from my
home on the Gold Coast, ending up
in Ashford NSW, before turning east
at the mighty Clarence River and
heading North back home. The trip
began two day prior to the opening
season for cod in NSW, so I added
in a little diversion to Sundown
National Park inQueensland’s border
country to fill in the extra time. As
far as getting out of my comfort
zone, this was to be right up there.
I was playing guide to an angler
from overseas, when my cod fishing
experience was actually fairly small.
I certainly had the benefit of many
experienced anglers advice, but this
was to be mostly new waters for me.
The Gold Coast was very dry as I
packed my gear for the trip. Coming
through a hot, windy spring meant
that every plant in our garden had
gone dusty brown and was either
dead or looking like becoming so.
Looking at rainfall charts, I expected
the same would be true for all of the
Slopes and Plains area of Northern
NSW. The main question was how
muchwaterwouldbe in the rivers and
how would that impact the fishing?
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